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What is a Newhalf? A newhalf is a japanes term for a japanese trannsexual. These shemales tend to be some of the most beautiful tranny girls in the world and are highly sought after. Some of these new women who were orignaly men. japanese newhalfs are women who are trapped inside a mans body. since birth these special people feel as though they are not the correct gender and spend the rest of their lives trying to break out and become women. They endure a life time of taking femal hormones and spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery including sex reassignment surgery. this type of srugery involves altering the male genitalia into female genitals. This is usually the last stage of the cosmetic surgary adventure. some newhalfs in japan work as prostitutes and can demand as much as $2000 USD for an hourly session with one of these beauties. Newhalfs are no the same as katoeys which are found in thailand. newhalf trannies are pure blooded japanese men who change themselves into women. Theirskin tends to be lighter than the thai variety and are a bit slimmer andmore petite. some of japanese newhalfs are so convincing that you swear that you are looking at a woman, but in reality it is a man. this is a serious fetish for those who love transsexuals as sex objects and the rush of the asian shemale from japan fits into the smale category as those around the world


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